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Siren derived from the Sanskrit word sevana, meaning desire, addiction, indulgence, any type of habit which took over your life and it has become a malignant obsession. Sevana in Sanskrit does not refer to Mermaid or fish. Fish come about much later, by the Templars. They invented the symbol of 'FISH' to represent Christianity, which is holding the obvious secret, it is a representation of power and wealth, which was the original motive to spread religion, to concentrate power into the hands of the few, more precisely the hoarding of wealth by making you addicted. Once you are captured, you will become dependent, or compulsively obsessed with any activity, substance, object, or behaviour that gives you pleasure. There is a parallel between physical addiction to various chemicals, such as alcohol and heroin, and psychological dependence involved in such activities as compulsive gambling, love, work, running, or eating disorders.

How addiction related to religion? To understand the relationship between the two, we have to explain the meaning of 'HOPE'. It is referring to deep slumber, the sleepers of the underworld, which helped the Demons to get away with all evils they brought with them. Hence an Atheist have a higher chance to go to heaven than one who holds fanatical religious convictions. Whilst we were hoping to go to heaven or to born into a higher cast, excepting poverty as a way of life, we allowed greed to prosper.

This warning of HOPE remained in the mythology of Pandora, from Sanksrit Phanindra, meaning 'weapon of mass destruction'. It was not by accident for 'hope' to remain in the jar. The story is talking about the serpents who was able to take over the world with the stolen Knowledge called the 'fire' the knowledge of Agni, the Sun, the representation of human consciousness and knowledge. This knowledge also known as Eurydice, the Veda, the mystical name of the letter m. The M is representing water, which is the healer, the Soma, the ancient knowledge of the unification of body mind and spirit, the only way to achieve a state of consciousness far beyond our current idea of intelligence defined by the scientific mind and its emulation of external reality.

With the stolen fire they've created darkness and ignorance by introducing different religions to give 'hope' to man. In Gypsy language hope is AzA i.e. quarter of the heavens, desire, expectation, space. Whilst we were sleeping in deep slumber of 'hope' the Serpent-demon created inequality, Jacob's ladder and named it democracy which translates to 'protection of demon power'. Origins can be traced back to demos’ more precisely rule by the damunas from Sanskrit as underworld, people of the night, witchcraft, magic - the serpent-demons, Gorgon oppression over humans. Tales of the Demons  remained in many mythologies, in Mesopotamia, Iran, India, China, so forth.

Damunas or Danu, were born whilst the Spirit was asleep. They were man-eaters, predators, consuming flesh and corpses. Damunas belonging to the danu class of demons were the implacable enemies of humans (hu-manus from Sanskrit i.e. the awakened ones). Whilst the word kratos meaning ‘power’, or ‘rule’, which derived from the Sanskrit word kratu (power) and khaSpa (oppression). Thus, the true meaning of Democracy is ‘oppression by the demon, (damunas-kratu), demonic power, demonic rule, demonic oppression.



Greek mythology derived from the Avatars of the Gypsies.

THE ORIGIN OF AEON, HOW IT RELATES TO THE WIDOW AND EURYDICE.Greek mythology derived from the Avatars of the Gypsies.

The book is exploring the Greek mythology in relation to Sanksrit, to the Ancient Gypsy Avatars, which will shed light to the ancient culture, place of origin, language and the true history, which is still hidden from the world, over twenty-five thousand years, since they were attacked, enslaved and their knowledge, logos, culture, destroyed.

The first thing you should be aware of, is that the language of the Romany (gypsy) people is Sanskrit. The Sanskrit language is not made for religious purposes only, and it is not Indian in origin. Sanskrit is still in use and spoken by the Romany, Gypsy people today. Their true identity and their language kept hidden and instead the media using misleading propaganda of their origin, their language, customs, their appearance which is brown and not blond and white, hence they become a free topic for all kind of speculations.

The truth is that the Romany people were not only the founders of the Sanskrit language, but they laid down the foundations of writing, philosophy, religion, science and not to forget Sanskrit is the base language of almost every language spoken today. When we talk about religion however, do not picture temples and churches. A Church or a Temple is your body, it should not be outside of you. When you join any organisation, you become part of a hierarchical system which always based on corruption, inequality, hence it is against the base principles of impartiality, which was the core foundation of the Romany people's religious belief system.

Almost every avatar in Greek mythology derived from Sanskrit, more so than any other language. Hence, we can trace back their origin  to Ancient Greece. We are also able to find in Greek philosophy the base philosophy of Veda, that is, philosophy was taken from the Veda..

Before Greece was taken over, the Roma people lived in an equal and harmonious society, their knowledge of life were highly advanced and unique, whilst remaining humble in character due to their religious belief system. Yet all this (paradise lost) is ceased with the arrival of the Gorgons, also known as Serpent-demons. They have changed the world into a hierarchical system, where greed, lust and pride become the rule.

THE ANCIENT GYPSY AVATARS is 212 pages. The book available in PDF and FlipPage format seen on the sample. You will receive both e-book format for download or on DVD. The Pdf e-book is 20.00 MB and the FlipPage is 58.3 MB. It is advisable to download onto your desktop and not to mobile devices. The book outlines the more well known Avatars, such as Hermes, Apollo, Nemesis, Themis, Narcissus, etc. The book also connects these ancient mythologies to the original source, from ancient times they all derived from Sanskrit and from the Veda.

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